VMware partners with Amazon Web Service to amp up Cloud Services

Amazon Web Service has turned out to be the most dominating power in cloud computing. It hosts the technological infrastructure of various companies in its enormous data center. Amazon Web Services is updating the entire technological background for the companies who were based on a traditional technics base.

Currently, Amazon has tied up its link to VMware Inc., a $65 Billion subsidiary of Dell Technologies that perform the similar work as Amazon i.e., cloud computing, virtualizing software and related services. The two companies together have come up with newly programmed cloud-based database management software, especially for the company’s use. This is to get rid of on-premises data centers up to the present time and evolve a plan to take public cloud to account and become a hybrid cloud user. This would be like the “Berlin Wall Movement” bringing private and public cloud together, says Sanjay Poonen, COO of VMware.

Since the hybrid cloud is trending, it cannot resolve all the problems for the company. The company might take some time to evict the existing on-premises technology completely. This is what the VMware is trying its best at. Parker and other philosophers believe that Amazon might swallow up the entire thing, whether private or hybrid. Despite these concerns, the company still continues to grow along the catalysis of Amazon. The coming together of both the companies is definitely a fruitful result. Now, more and more business can be moved to the cloud under the leadership of Amazon in the market. This move is definitely going to strengthen the company’s foundations, against the existing competitors in the market like Microsoft, IBM, and Google.

Business has rapidly increased for the partners in the association since October 2016. The deal has led to doubling of the shares by VMware. Now, hundreds of administrators rely upon the developed ultra-modern technology. The revenue growth of the company has been steadily increasing at the rate of 14%.

VMware, as was thought by others, would not be able to thrive in the existing high-end technological market with its outdated technology to manage the database. But with the new link with AWS, the company is really doing well in the market. The company has solidified its weak background already.

The fear on the Wall Street regarding the negative effects of the cloud on VMware is pre-mature and skips a lot of things to be considered, especially what the company does, said Edward Parker, Director and Data, and Cloud Infrastructure Analyst at BTIG.

Author: Hiren Sam