Twitter Trials New Original Tweeter Tag To Highlight Responses In Threads

Twitter is trialing a new function that includes an “original tweeter” tag to posts in a thread, permitting consumers to simply differentiate which posts came from the original account at a glimpse, as claimed by media.

The new function—which is claimed to be accessible to a “small amount” of both Android and iOS consumers—is very bare-bones in its performance. It includes a gray “original tweeter” tag under the user’s name, analogous to the status indicators that the firm begun testing previously this month.

While this probably will not have a drastic impact on day-to-day experience of most Twitter users on the site, it must be useful for communications with bigger personalities. Scammers and parody accounts with similar photos and names aim to gum up the comments of high-profile consumers, which can make it harder to decode a real response from a troll attempting to rip-off Bitcoin.

It stays to be seen if the firm is aiming to launch out the new tags to more consumers or if the present design will end up being the last implementation of the design, but at least the firm is operating on dealing with the problem of clarity.

On a related note, Twitter earlier claimed that it is including a number of new functions for its consumers with iOS platform. These new functions will add a new floating compose button, more alternatives to flag spam and a much simpler way to toggle between the recent and top tweets. The option to switch between recent and top tweets was a much-required function and it was declared previously this year.

Currently, the function has been launched out for trialing purpose and it is only obtainable to just a few iOS consumers. While, the latest compose button will be located on the screens. Using this, the consumers will be capable of gaining access to photos, drafts, and the GIF gallery.

Author: Hiren Sam