Trumps Talks Of Soliciting His Emergency Powers For Building Up The Wall

The wall on the border of Mexico has been a vital issue for Donald Trump, the president of the United States since he has taken over the office. His stand over the issue has always been aggressive as he strongly intends to build up the wall and make Mexicans pay for it. He showed up his aggression over the same for one more time while he was speaking on last Friday. He was seen talking about the issue for the first time after the government is under partial shutdown.

Trumps Talks Of Soliciting His Emergency Powers

While speaking in at his office, the expressed the necessity of constructing the wall in order to control the terrorist activities along with controlling the illegal migration of people into the border of the United States. He affirmed that he owns the power to build up the wall without the congressional support if the situation calls. He emphasized that as he owns the legal power of doing it, he can do it if he wants. In his fierce speech which included several questionable assertions, he has announced that he is thinking of taking further steps over the construction of the wall.

He even talked of declaring it as ‘National Emergency’ and take further steps in the matter using his special Executive Powers. He said that his government will be using distinguished domains for obtaining the land around the border of Mexico which is owned privately. He also mentioned that building up the steel wall will provide several job opportunities in the manufacturing sector which will also be helpful for the companies in the United States. However, many experts have asserted that the Executive powers given by the Federal Laws which Trump has have certain limitations. He talked of declaring it as national emergency for the sake of security of the country.

Author: Hiren Sam