Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam enters mobile platform with iOS & Android release

The star of Skateboarding, Tony Hawk is making his presence felt in the world of games. He has launched a new mobile phone game Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam this Thursday. The game is supported on both iOS and Android, such that everyone holding a smartphone can use it at their fingertips.

Hawk is quite famous for keeping himself and his technics updated in the gaming world. He has claimed to launch a video game year after year, in a row, since 1999. He also said that the mobile phone app was an extension of his franchise.

The technology has come up so fast and forward that there was an utmost need for his games to be updated too. The quality of the mobile phone is getting better day by day, so why should the gaming be a step back, said the 50-year old video game developer, Hawk. With the changing technology and the growing high-tech world, he wanted to bring his taste and choice of skateboarding to this ever-growing platform.

The game is made convenient to use. The gamers can make an appearance in the skate session whenever and wherever they want. Since the game is available to download for free, the gamers can access it easily. They can also make a purchase in case they wish to progress in their gaming sessions. The app can be auto-updated every day so that a gamer can push his levels, tasks, challenges, and equipment.

The players can participate in the online tournaments better known as “Skate Jams”, can access more than 15 skateparks sprawling through five areas in “Career Mode”. They can also encounter “Hawk Mode” which is the only real-world character truly present in the game.

There is a lot of fun involved in this game and an experience like never before said, Hawk. He being a gamer himself knows what allures the players being in a game and the obstacles they face. He has thereby worked in the development of the game in coexistence with Maple Media of Los Angeles.

While Tony Hawk’s fan following is increasing day by day, they are demanding of having a signature game with his name on it. People have been expecting a lot since the last success and Hawk is very thankful to all who have admired him for his hard work and creativity. It is for his fans that he is finally launching a game on phone to stay close to them.

Author: Hiren Sam