The Boring Company Of Elon Musk Fired Its Five Employees

During the last month, the Boring company of Elon Musk has revealed its first testing tunnel in front of the press. But, On Friday, this company has decided to terminate five of its employees, some of which have helped in building the first underground passageway, says Recode. The spokesperson of the company said that this termination was done due to poor performance of workers which was found during the regular performance checks of employees. The company has been hiring employees for many such roles, which carried many projects within the nation, and was looking was significant growth in the year 2019, he said, while assuring that this move was not a part of cost cutting.

The dismissal news of this company came just on the day when Tesla, the largest company of Elon Musk has announced laying off its thousand employees because of cost cutting, which was a coincidence, said the spokesperson. Before this week, the third company of Elon Musk has already laid off 10percent of its employees due to the similar reason as that of Tesla. Boring company was founded by Elon Musk in the year 2016. Elon Musk has invested about $100 Mn into this company, which has employed about 80 workers for designing and constructing the underground tunnels which will turn out to be the most efficient transportation network to reduce the load of above ground traffic.

During December, this company has hosted the media event after the test tunnel, which was 1.14 miles underground stretching in the region of Los Angeles, through which the journalists travelled in the Tesla car. Some of the journalists described their journey as “bumpy” that was attributed to be the paving issue by Musk. The company planned to cancel the second tunnel at Los Angeles while it is going to have other projects in Washington DC and Chicago.

Author: Hiren Sam