TerraCycle Brings in Reusable Packages with New Technology, Loop

TerraCycle, a small company has launched reusable packaging, the Loop. The launch was announced at the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland.

The new packaging enables a person to return the packages and get them refilled repeatedly. The Loop system is a great way to reduce waste and to recycle.

Loop is the new platform that is going to change the system of waste management. Ordinary daily products will now be available in reusable containers that can be washed, refilled and used again.

TerraCycle has been in the recycling business by changing hard-to-recycle waste products like juice boxes, plastic gloves, cigarette filters, and other containers into usable products. After a year of hard work, the company has brought in the high-quality packages.

The entire process is almost similar to the olden day’s milkman model when milk bottles were supplied to homes and empty bottles were returned the next day.

The experiment to bring in the Loop is to be launched in a few areas like New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, this spring. Consumers will have to sign up with the Loop Website run by TerraCycle at New Jersey. Products are ordered online and they are brought via UPS. Once the products are used, the empty containers are returned by the customers via UPS. The containers are then cleaned and refilled to be used again for use to buy products.

This innovative program is soon to enter the markets covering the entire United States, UK, and many other places gradually.

The CEO of TerraCycle Tom Szaky says that garbage should not exist.

Top brands are partnering with the Loop platform like PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, etc. Daily use products like shampoo, detergent, and other common products will be provided under the reusable system through Loop.

We have one planet and we should take care of it, says an executive from Nestle.

Author: Hiren Sam