Telltale Games To Close Down, Most Staff Laid Off

The stories doing the rounds that the games company called Telltale is planning for a closure has been confirmed by CNET. The games firm has lain off the maximum number of their workers. They are planning for a long due shutdown with just a handful of staff of 25 in numbers to cater to the company’s commitment to its partners and members of the board. The company is famous for designing games where your choices in one session will be carried forward to the next. The most famous of the lot are namely Batman, Minecraft Story Mode, The Walking dead and The Wolf among us.

Telltale Games To Close Down

The game studio also attracted big names like Back to the Future, Guardians of the Galaxy and Game of Thrones along the same lines. They had also collaborated on a game with Stranger Things from Netflix before the announcement for its closure. Netflix is literally in a fix now about how to move ahead.

In the year 2012, the game which is called The Walking in The Dead was commended immensely for its engaging style of storytelling which other similar kinds of games can only think of achieving. The statement given by the game studio says that the company is forced to make an unfortunate decision of closing the studio which will be followed by some difficult times in the coming days. Acknowledging that most of the workers were already made to quit, the company CEO said that they were facing quite turbulent times and they did their best to revive the firm. But it was very unfortunate that in the end, they just ran out of time. They launched some of the best work by them in the present year and got a lot of appreciation for the same but it was unable to transcend to bring back business.

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