Study: Weekly Intake Of Fried Chicken Causes Early Death

A recent study shows that a consumption of fried chicken regularly once a week and more can cause up to 13% increased chances of premature deaths, at least amongst elder women. In a countrywide study, researchers collected data from 107,000 women in postmenopausal condition and tracked their food habits from 1900s to 2017. This can be true for other clusters as well because no conclusive reason has been found out restricting the result to an age group or even gender. According to Dr. Bao who is an epidemiologist of Iowa University stated, “this association can be of similar nature among men or younger women for that matter.”

 This study is the foremost to look into how fried food affects a person’s heath and ultimately death. For instance, this study shows that chances of heart related deaths increase by 12% among older women who consume fried chicken at a weekly basis. Fish sandwiches are hardly better.  People having fried fish have 7% increased chances of overall death, but an increased 13% chance of deaths related to heart.  Love for fast food among Americans is well known and gulping down loads of crispy fish, fried chicken and French fries is habitual.

 Still the study does have its limits. Researchers did consider age, education, race and other lifestyle differences. Also, there is a possibility of other factors that could have affected this study. One of the factors could be the oil used while cooking: Authors considering the study held in Spain showed that that there is no linkage between fried foods and mortality. Also, all foods are not fried equally. For example, food fried at home and fried food that is available outdoor is cooked using different mediums and using different techniques. People in different countries use different cooking oils as compared to corn oil in America. Many research suggest that olive oil and coconut oil are relatively healthier.

Author: Hiren Sam