States and municipalities in the United States are speaking out in support of climate science

States and municipalities in the United States are speaking out in support of climate science

Several states and localities in the United States are prepared to fight for climate change science, afraid that President Trump may decrease spending in relation to combating climate change.

When it comes to protecting the future of science, Gov. Jerry Brown of California has already stated that his state is prepared to adopt some very dramatic measures.

According to him, if Trump shuts down the satellites, California would launch its own satellite as retaliation. There are scientists and attorneys willing to go toe-to-toe, and we’re ready to go to war.”

As far as the governor was concerned, NASA’s financing of climate research should be cut off.

In recent years, the United States has witnessed a wave of climate change legislation sweep the country. When Donald Trump was elected, climate change deniers were galvanised by states and cities, as were state legislators, activists and even mayors.

They want to take measures including increasing wind and solar electricity, halting coal exports, and increasing the number of electric vehicles on the road.

As the director of Environment New York, Heather Leibowitz explains, “States have historically led the way in respect to creating meaningful US action on climate change. As a result of Trump’s victory, the importance of state climate change measures will rise.

City Centers Step up the fight against Climate Change.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, like his counterpart in California, has increased his commitment to combating climate change. Many environmentalists, such as Michelle Kinman, a renewable energy champion at Environment California, have expressed their delight at this news.

California’s leaders have all stated unequivocally that the state will continue to set the bar high and lead the way. “I’m encouraged,” she said.

In the near future, the use of electric vehicles is expected to rise.
California By 2030, the state’s greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 40%, according to a measure signed by Governor Brown. By 2023, the state plans to generate half of its electricity from renewable sources and have one million electric vehicles on the road.

Even Trump’s most fervent fans accept that climate change is real, despite Trump’s denials. People in the United States will be encouraged by this.

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