Spotify’s Novel Feature Allows Users Block Artist On The Platform

In spite of losing platform to Apple Music in the U.S., Spotify is still the largest music streaming service globally. That said, it has still omitted a few important features. However, one of those missing features is ultimately in the trial phase. As per the reports by Thurrott, Spotify’s beta program members recently obtained the capability to block an artist on the platform. It means that the user will never see their music coming out on Spotify again.

As per Thurrott, once the user blocks an artist, their music is supposed to no longer emerge in their individual playlists, library, radio stations, charts, and anywhere else. The users will not able to play a song from a blocked artist manually as well. To listen to their music, they will need to unblock these artists first. The only exception appears to be tracks on which the artist features.

On a similar note, Spotify came into the news as it is supposedly working on a car music player. The objective of the Bluetooth device appears to be to make it simpler to select music without taking user’s eyes off the road. Although the firm has yet to confirm the player, there is already some data about it. As per the report from The Financial Times, Spotify intends to roll out an in-car music player soon this year, which might cost approximately $100.

The latest Bluetooth device is supposed to let users set their favorite playlists or albums. Then, they can employ voice control or its buttons to select songs. Though it does not appear to present anything Spotify’s mobile app does not already have, it is probably going to make it simpler for users to change songs while they are driving. As The Verge states, there is no data on features such as cellular connectivity or storage capacity yet.

Author: Hiren Sam