PlayStation Classic vulnerable to easy hack pending absence of security features

Sony has made a hasty attempt to earn a profit on the video game console trending fashion. The PlayStation Classic is considered to be a grave mistake that Nintendo is not happy about and has tried to get over it using NES and SNES Classic. Sony had a very good chance to correct the mistakes and re-correct the product to re-launch it in the market, but the company made no attempts. Now what is available in the market is a device with a collection of strange and odd games and a controller that is very difficult to deal with. This is a black mark in the name of PlayStation and not even a percent like it.

Though the current generation gets to enjoy the 3D titles and gaming effects, the games are really ugly. For a gift worth $100, the game can be a good option, but for personal use, it is definitely a no. The gaming station is a cheat to the by-gone memories.

The game lacks games library and build-in quality and this paves a clear path for the hackers to take up the game very easily. Thus, games like Bandicoot and others can be uploaded with convenience and played on the PlayStation system. It has just been a few days since the launch of the new product by Sony and the hackers have already set the system bare and using a Linux-based port to run the games on PlayStation board. Sony’s security is now being questioned, and this has resulted because of the quick and unchecked attempts that it made.

Amongst the retro-console hackers, yifanlu and madmonkey1907 are the two main hackers that have reached the code of PlayStation and decoded it using a key installed in the device itself. This is something not too tough to be accessed. And since there is no security in the programming, a breach is a common thing that Sony will have to deal with.

The format to run PS1 games is also not present in the newly available system. This will require the customers to use a USB drive to load and play the games. The price of the PS is much more than NES and SNES Classic Editions. This is not the only issue, there are many more to go. Sony should definitely be trying to make attempts to rectify the flaws causing inconvenience to the users. Moreover, the corrections are to be held up fast to avoid the existing competition by the rivals.

Author: Hiren Sam