Gamers Possibly Need To Wait For 3 More Years For PS4, Sony

“It will take the next three years to complete the next step.”

As translated by Takashi Mochizuki, Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reporter, Sony said to its investors from Japan that PS4 is “Entering to the end of its lifecycle”, on May 23. We do not want to make any statements from our end until we get confirmation that what exactly the statement means.

Today, Takashi Mochizuki reports in Wall Street Journal that it means the PS4 at least has 3 years from now of unchallenged attention from the gaming console business of Sony.

Need To Wait For 3 More Years For PS4, Sony

Tsuyoshi Kodera, the CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment, told the WSJ, “We will efficiently use the coming 3 years to build the next step, to squat down so that we can launch better in the future.”

Users will consider that it will be the year of 2021 for the release of any new PlayStation, from the gaming giant. This release will be eight years after the launch of last PlayStation in 2013. This is slightly behind the regular schedule of 6 to 7-year release in between the PlayStations.

SemiAccurate, a paywall site, spread the rumors earlier this year that the new PS will soon launch in this year.

But there won’t be any point to regret, it will be better than the existing PS which is already outselling all its previous partners (PS Consoles). The lifespan of PS4 is also likely to be better from the current PS4 Pro version, which was released in the latter half of 2016, with enhanced hardware and is fully compatible with older 2013 version of PS.

However, it is not yet clear that whether Sony is looking forward to launch the new PS with the existing hardware line or it is also going to make any hardware upgrades for the same software.

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