GAEMS introduces personal gaming interface with latest Sentinel Pro XP 1080P

Sentinel the latest and the most trending evolution game was uncovered by GAEMS this Thursday. GAEMS is an US-based company, created especially to level up the gaming psyche, created by the gamers for the gamers. It has constantly maintained its top-notch position in the market for its outstanding products. The Sentinel by GAEMS is another addition to the award-winning list of Personal Gaming Environments. A superlative merge of console gaming and quality performance that GAEMS has its first hand on is now available in an absolutely new face. Sleek and slender, patented design of the gaming portal extends you a bigger and more fun-filled gaming experience in a lighter hard-shell enclosure. A new IPS panel attached to the Sentinel is yet another feature that transforms any random space into a digital sports arena or Personal Gaming Environment, just like in a customized way.

The new gaming portal has been designed keeping in the mind about the requirements of a gamer, thus matching to the person’s choice. Like other gaming portals available in the market, the Sentinel is also compatible to gamers who wish to compete in esports or create gaming related online content that they like to play when with friends as a usual gamer. But, the most alluring feature of the Sentinel is that one will not have to worry about the downtime while busy in the game. The players can concentrate more on increasing the score and adding levels to their profile as achievements, said John Smith, co-founder of GAEMS. The game also has a TSA-friendly design, which makes it suitable for a portable handling permitted by airlines.

High quality, integrated 17.3” FHD Anti-Glare IPS panel that proffers a full HD experience of 1920 x 1080 at 60HZ, low-latency IPS panel, and Sentinel’s 3.5mm audio output jack; the entire set is a dream come true for any gamer. One can even shoot the volume levels up with GAEMS onboard soundstage that has three separate 3W stereo speakers to suit the gaming spirit.

The gaming station is yet to be released into the market. The estimated date of launch of the product is 01/08/2019 and at an approximate price worth $349.99. a pre-order can be booked GameStop, Amazon or NewEgg.

The gaming company is now going for the Global Stage for Innovation at International Consumer Electronics Show. Sentinel can be checked for at the expo and Michael Meyers can be contacted for any queries.

Author: Hiren Sam