Cyprus expo covers everything related to gaming for Christmas

The greatest gamer’s gathering of all times is now there at Cyprus this Christmas. The game show has come up due to the efforts by the gamers in Cyprus. The GameShow has been organized as a response to the plea from the gamers and the immigration of the huge number of students to Cyprus on the occasion of Christmas. The GameShow has tried to arrange all the major attractions to it, tournaments, workshops, showcases, presentations, competitions, etc. The Cosplay contest is the most influential feature and so is the largest LAN Party Gather Event in Cyprus.

The GameShow is organized by Primetel along with other local esport companies like Kinz Gaming. The expo is a multi-genre event where one would find a variety of trending technologies which are high-end in the gaming world. A one-stop destination, the game show is a very diverse arena where gamers of different interest will find their points. The esports and video gaming related activities and products with the most developed and in-current affair are boasted in the stalls. The live equipment and modified stage is yet another attribute that the gamers would fall in love with. The expo is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that every gamer should attend. It has all the arrangements to experience a gaming activity with 10,000 Mbps speed provided by the optic-fiber network laid down, mentioned Primetel.

Numerous gaming companies as Nintendo, Public, HP Omen, and many more will also conduct workshops to enlighten their technology to the gamers and the game developers. There will be about 800 prizes for the contestants, including those of tickets, donations, coupons, and funding. This is going to be a fun loaded time for both the spectators and participants. The games that will be fought for include League of Legends, Clash Royale-a close second, FIFA19, Call of Duty Black Ops 4, and others. An online poll has been opened to establish the list of the games that will be showcased.

The participants have also been assured to be introduced to the eminent personalities in the gaming world, like 2J – a Greek Cypriot YouTuber, entertainment personage, and other gaming-industry influencers. There will also be a number of local mentors and experts to share their stories with the attendees. So, the chances of you making a career out of the game with these people are high, said Primetel. The Cosplay parade and contest will be judged by prominent Cosplay figures like Tajfu, Molzenna, and Fenvaria.


Author: Hiren Sam