Apple to introduce changes to iPhone pending sales Ban post infringement lawsuit by Qualcomm

After the roaring ban for Apple’s iPhone in China, the company is set to introduce 2 major changes to the existing software of the phone. This is to avoid the sales ban for patent-infringement. However, Qualcomm, the company that owns these patents wants Apple to stop sales of the affected phones in an immediate move in China.

Don Rosenberg, the Executive Vice President, and General Counsel for Qualcomm mentioned of Apple’s infringement that the company is now legally obligated for immediate cease of the sales, importation of devices, and any sale offers. In order to prove that Apple is compliant to the orders laid out by the court, it needs to stop all the associations with the affected devices.

Qualcomm has pleaded Fuzhou Intermediate People’ Court, that earlier ruled in the favor of the company, to enforce the injunction against the sales of iPhone with infringement issues. Meanwhile, Apple has asked the court to look through the ruling since this firm might lose a big chunk of money if the ban is enforced. Apple informed the court about its quarterly earnings in China for iPhone sales of 2018 that marked $13.3 Billion. With every passing day of the ban, the company is set to lose millions from their account.

Apple also mentioned that it will remove 2 of the infringing software issues from their iPhone by next week which is an effort to meet the legal rights for Qualcomm. These features are in tune with the app switching technology curated by Qualcomm along with the touch feature meant to change the appearance and size of the pictures.

As you might recall, it was only last Monday, that Qualcomm revealed that it finally won the patent infringement case that it filed against the Apple Company in China. This winning streak required Apple Company to immediately put a cease on the iPhone devices being sold in this South Asian country. However, it was just a few days after the case that it became clear to the iPhone users that this particular ruling was only applicable for the iPhones using the iOS 11 Operating System. This is why Qualcomm launched another new suit which was aimed at the halt of sales for the latest iPhones in the market which include XS, XR, and XS Max.

Qualcomm filed this case of infringement against Apple in the latter half of 2017.

Author: Hiren Sam