A 245 percent increase in Amphetamine-related Illness

A 245 percent increase in Amphetamine-related Illness

Amphetamine overdoses are becoming more common, and the number of people who suffer life-threatening side effects as a result is rising daily. There has been a 245-percent increase in the number between 2008 and 2015. However, many people are ignoring the seriousness of the problem brought by the comeback of the substance because they are too preoccupied with opiates.

Amphetamine-related hospitalizations have increased by 46%, while opioid-related hospitalizations have increased by a similar percentage. Jane Maxwell, an addiction expert, said that the number of deaths and hospitalizations caused by amphetamine overdoses is increasing at an exponential rate, and people aren’t paying attention.

Both legitimately and illegally, amphetamine is converted into methamphetamine to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There have been innumerable occasions where individuals have been taken to the emergency departments with complaints of agitation, violence and paranoia. Before they can be imprisoned, the police who apprehend the suspects on the streets must first take them to the hospital for treatment of their abnormal heart rates. Amphetamine overdoses have also resulted in numerous deaths, as documented by medical examiners. In fact, amphetamine overdoses are more common than opioid overdoses, which are also on the rise.

In the 1990s, crystal meth, another name for amphetamine, became highly popular. Drug abuse was curtailed, however, as a result of stricter regulations and a more difficult-to-reach supply.

Amphetamine became a popular substitute for opioids since it was easier to obtain and less expensive than the former.

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